Top Quality White Hat EDU Backlinks Technique

Top Quality White Hat EDU Backlinks Technique

Never put your long-term project on a scholarship technique! Forget about the “power” of EDU; they are link farms!  

When you buy backlinks in the .EDU domain they are not worth much because they are not authentic. To get a quality .EDU link you must pay a lot of money. It starts at $ 500 and can even reach $4000. We will teach you how to create the highest quality .EDU backlinks so you can sell to others and make a lot of money, or for your own website – thus saving a lot of money.

Today in AuroraVisibility’s blog we will share something that only big boys in SEO know, something that never shared online before, ready?

How can you get a link inserted on a project/article/case study written by a professor/lecturer from that specific university? More than that, the link will be inserted by the professor themself! For the sake of this eBook, we re-tested it for a CASINO site, and I got more than 40 links from real EDU articles.

The principle is the following, and we simplified it for you:

Take the example of this page:

If you scroll to the very bottom of the page, you will see: Language Translated by X

You must look for a language that is not already translated.

Once you find it note it somewhere.

Go back to the top of the page and find the author of the article, in our example: Stephanie Seneff

On this page, the email is already provided, but on other .Edu sites, sometimes it’s missing.

If it is missing, just search on Google the name of the “author + edu Sitename,” and you will find it easily. (As in our example: Stephanie Seneff

To find more links and easier, just apply the same technique that we explained to you earlier about stealing links, in case you forget:

  1. Make a list with all the sites which helps them to translate that page.
  3. Open one by one
  4. Referring Domains > Right-click on Total > Open in a New Tab
  5. Search in results: Edu
  6. Live sample:

    Now all left is to analyze and steal!

How? Simple!

  • As in our example, if you sort by RD, first will be MIT.Edu, as in our sample:
  • Open a new sheet (I know, many sheets) and make 3 columns.
  • Column 1: URL of the page you want to translate.
  • Column 2: Email + Name of the author
  • Column 3: Translation you will do.

And start hunting. Once you make at least 10, send them a professional email format. But again, do that from your email (if you have a. Edu email especially for this, it is way better – if you need one, feel free to contact us) and offer them a courtesy translation of that article in XYZ language because they do not have it.

Once the professor replies to it, just hire a translator to translate word by word without changing anything (you can also use our copywriting service for translation service) and put it on a 3rd party as


English/Original content:

Romanian translation:

We highly recommend not to put on a sub-domain, but on the 3rd party such as as we noted. It will make no difference to the professor, but it will make a difference to SEO ranking. We also recommend adding images from the original article, a 100% replica if you can. Some professors are not so “techie,” and it will help them make it easier.

Translated and post done?

Once ready, contact the professor again via the same email, usually by reply to his response (to keep the flow on the same email) and tell him your translation is ready, sharing with him the URL. After that, just tell him nicely if you could please add on the bottom of the page: Translated in Romanian courtesy of

Be sure you put an anchor on it or give him a naked URL to be 100% sure.

Important notes*:

  • Remember, they are professors, not SEO people, so talk nicely, explain simply yet professionally so they will understand. Do not talk like: Hey mate, I translated that page for you at this URL:, can you put a backlink with an anchor for me? Please, sir!
  • Just do not be an average Joe, and you will be fine. If you are not a native English speaker, hire someone to write your replies. Again, you can use our copywriting service.

These links are permanent, 100% safe, clean, white hat! Happy hunting!

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