The Best SEO Strategy in 2021

The Best SEO Strategy in 2021

Following our recent article “How to Find the Best SEO Agency Online“, we will talk and learn today about The Best SEO Strategy in 2021 so that you know better where you need to focus. A good strategy for increasing online reputation in 2021 is a combination of strategies and techniques. It is impossible to achieve success only by targeting a few keywords, or only by writing articles on a blog. Here is a list of the most effective elements of the SEO strategies implemented by the best SEO provider in 2021.

Introduction in Search Engines

This is the basic service required by any new website. It is practically the news spread online about the new website that appeared. In order to get on Google, you will need a Google Search Console account that has to be enhanced with a sitemap. The impact of this operation is that you will announce to Google the new website, but it will not help you to rank or to defeat your online competitors.

Site Audit and fixing functional errors

An important part of the best SEO strategy is finding the technical errors before continuing other steps. The impact of this service is that it will allow you to discover everything that is wrong with the website and to correct those mistakes:

  • Correcting titles, meta-descriptions, and content on the website
  • Optimizing images
  • Optimizing internal and external links
  • Optimizing URL addresses and HTML codes

A site audit is important both for user experience, but also for ranking better in search engines. The spiders of Google will detect if a website is fast and easy to navigate, ranking it better amongst its competition on the same keywords.

Analyzing the market and the competition

This part of the SEO strategy starts from building a library of targeted keywords for your business in a preliminary stage. You can choose more than 500 keywords in this stage that must be grouped in different topics:

  • The visibility of the website in Google for these keywords
  • The position in Google for each term
  • The average number of searches a month
  • Seasonality of searches
  • How are the searches distributed between desktop and mobile?
  • The difficulty required to rank these keywords
  • The average cost of promoting Kw with Google AdWords

The best SEO provider must give you a complete plan considering all these aspects and to estimate a price for getting these keywords on the first page of search engines. Once this part is completed, the SEO agency must start the analysis of the competitors:

  • Which are the real competitors of the website (there are situations in which we do not perceive certain websites as competitors, but they have good visibility on the targeted keywords
  • Which are the most relevant publishers for a certain topic?
  • What is the SEO visibility score of competitors?
  • What is the organic and paid traffic attracted by the competitors?
  • The links profile if each competitor

These are only the initial steps of a good optimization campaign offered by the best SEO provider for its customers. The final objective of the campaign is to increase traffic and eventually sales, and only this way, the real success of a SEO company is measured.