How to Find the Best SEO Agency Online

Best SEO Agency

Search Engines today changed their operating way completely compared with the one they used 10 years ago, intending to offer their users exactly what they need, in a shorter time and with quality websites as search results.

It is why finding the best SEO agency has become a difficult task, especially when an entrepreneur is looking for services with good results that last for a long time.

How to choose the best SEO agency online

Recent studies about successful SEO agencies revealed the way buyers are looking for specific services, highlighting the characteristics they are looking for in these companies. Recommendations and previous relationships have been proven as a key reason for 45% of clients to choose one SEO provider or another. However, this does not mean that a new agency with no connections cannot make it in this competitive market.

Another factor considered by 43% of SEO searchers is the knowledge and the internal processes of the chosen agency. These include:

  • Experience of the agency
  • The reporting system
  • Transparency
  • Customer service

What is most surprising about the study is that only 14% of clients chose a SEO agency based on the performances these agencies obtained with previous customers and that they consider price as being a crucial factor in choosing.

On the other hand, one out of five companies had bad experiences with their SEO provider when the price was the main factor in their choice.

Some mistakes you must avoid when choosing the best SEO agency

When it comes to choosing a SEO provider, the price really matters. Set your budget and try to find a good agency that can offer you services within the budget. However, do not set an unrealistic target and expect wonders. Some agencies offer SEO services for $100 a month and think this system really works.

The truth is that 99% of the agencies offering this price are not able to deliver what they promise. As a reference, you must pay between $500 and $2000 for a decent SEO package, and these will only show results in a few months. Of course, these prices vary considering many factors such as the number of keywords you are targeting, how many pages you must optimize, and a lot more aspects connected with this complex topic. At AuroraVisibility we offer a low-cost SEO packages & low-cost SEO plans which really gives an effective and powerful SEO service.

Try to avoid companies offering you backlinking in article directories and on forums. These techniques do not work anymore, and search engines became smarter at identifying these low-quality links.

Try to find a company that offers you a cheap package including at least the next services:

  • Introduction in search engines
  • Site audit and correcting functional errors
  • Correction of titles and meta-descriptions
  • Optimization of images
  • Internal and external links optimization
  • Optimization of URL’s and HTML codes

These are the basic services that you must look for when choosing your SEO provider and it is a must for every website looking for success online. Once these targets are met, you can talk about optimizing keywords and really increasing your online reputation to achieve your goals.

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