How to Get Free Backlinks from Top DA Sites

How to Get Free Backlinks from Top DA Sites

Today at AuroraVisibility’s blog we will teach you an amazingly simple method how you can get lots of backlinks from the highest quality sites with almost no need to do anything. We hope you get the most out of our guide. Good luck!

  1. Sign Up to buzzsprout.
  2. Create a podcast.
  3. Upload at least 1 episode (preferably 3)
  4. If you want to be 100% safe, record your podcast talking about anything, nobody cares, or hire someone on Fiverr. We, for example, just using this video maker service. For 10 USD only, you will get something more than decent.
  5. If you want the black hat way to do it, you can just go to SoundCloud and search for something like: “Your Broad Niche Podcast” (Check this as example)
  6. On the search results press page, press on “Tracks” from the left menu.
  7. Find a podcast that does not have an intro or just use an online mp3 cutter to crop the intro/outro where they say: “Hello and welcome to XYZ Podcast!” and “Thanks for listening Podcast.”
  8. Once you find the podcast, search on Google something like Soundcloud to mp3, download it, then apply point 7.
  9. Now you have your episode ready, let us upload it.
  10. Once uploaded, you can write your “guest post style” as on any other site. As we said earlier, we highly recommend uploading at least 3 episodes for better crawling, coverage, and indexing purposes.
  11. Assuming you upload 3 episodes, insert your links, and all that, now you go Podcast settings from the main menu of BuzzSprout.
  12. On podcast description, add your naked URL and 1 small-phrase; some aggregators will take this and transform it into the link, not only plain text.
  13. Add artwork. You can use Unsplash to grab any image relevant to your podcast/site.
  14. On Apple, Podcast Categories add 3 categories relevant to your niche.
  15. Add your website address.
  16. Add a few keywords.
  17. Done? Go on the main menu of BuzzSprout and click Directories.
  18. Start submitting your podcast to all; 90% are instant indexing, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts take 1-3 days.


Other podcast services you want to submit to, but you must register as a “new podcast” are:

Voila! You will get links from high-end authorities. By default, with time, other aggregators as will take your podcast and will index it on their platforms.

Up to 15 white-hat permanent top-quality backlinks for your site authority ready now! Nice?

We hope you enjoyed the guide and saw how easy it is to get quality links for your site, or for your customers. If anything remains unclear – you are more than welcome to contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

See you in our next article. In Love, and as always – AuroraVisibility. We Help You Be Seen.

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