Finding the best SEO specialist in 2021

SEO Specialist in 2021

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the volume and quality of the traffic on a website to rank them higher in the results of search engines. The term SEO Specialist defines a person or a company helping you to rank your website on the first page of Google.

Therefore, the main goal of an SEO campaign is to bring your website in front of the searchers for some relevant keywords. If you sell food supplements, you will want your products to rank better in searches than the ones of your competition.

The SEO Specialist proposes some changes on your website, both in terms of technical indicators and content. If we are talking about organic SEO, you will need about 3-6 months to see the results. Paid SEO or SEM works faster, but it has some disadvantages. Obviously, it is paid, and the results only last if you pay the search engine to rank you better in front of the competitors.

The main job of a SEO Specialist

  • Identifying the usual keywords that could rank your website better.
  • Changing the website in terms of aspect and usability – an important aspect both for giving your visitors a better experience, but also to show Google that you have an easy-to-use website.

Technical problems can be solved by a programmer, but the best SEO marketers are also able to deal with this aspect. A SEO audit can identify problems such as spam content, backlinks, incorrect redirections and 404 pages, as well as irrelevant pages that are indexed in Google and create unwanted competition for other valuable pages on the website.

Optimizing website pages

Each page has to be optimized to integrate the targeted keywords and to have relevant Meta Tags and titles. These are the first things a visitor sees in Google results, and they are crucial for the viewer in deciding if he will click on the website or not.

Correct indexing of pages is another important aspect of SEO. There is no need to create tens of pages targeting the same keyword, as they will only create competition between them, and they will confuse the search engine crawlers in deciding which one is the most relevant.

Backlinks and Link building

Getting links from more relevant websites in your domain is still important for ranking in search engines, but Google tries to give less importance to this aspect. This is great news for new websites that don’t have to struggle like before to get these ‘recommendations’ from their competition but also makes it harder to optimize a website using other strategies.

Moreover, not every link you get for your website is useful. Some of these are considered toxic links and they will harm your website more than they help. The SEO specialist has the role to differentiate between these links and to remove (disavow) the ones coming from dodgy websites.

As you can see, the work of a SEO company or specialist is not easy, and the choice you make in this direction can really make a difference in making your business successful.

We at AuroraVisibility committed to be one of the best SEO specialists in 2021.

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