Top SEO 2021 Techniques

Top SEO 2021 Techniques

A successful website must be actualized often when it comes to SEO, but there are also some things that you could do right now to improve the online visibility of your pages.

  1. Update and republish the old articles on your blog.

This technique works all the time, and the most successful blogs are doing this at least once a year. Look for old articles that used to have a lot of readers and see why their popularity has fallen. Maybe you need to add new content, target different keywords, and update the content with the latest news in the respective field.

  1. Use Google Ads to create titles and irresistible descriptions.

Some websites are paying a lot of money to appear on the first pages of results. As their money is at stake, they are directly interested to optimize their ads and maximizing the conversion rate of visitors into clients.

You can profit from their ‘fight’ by getting free traffic for your website, even if you are not planning to spend money with AdSense.

Start by checking the titles and descriptions of the paid ads on the first page of Google results. Try to create Meta titles and descriptions that would ‘wake’ the interest of people looking for those terms. If you can do this, you will appear right under the results that are paid. Many people are looking for organic results, and they will get straight to your page to find the relevant things that they are looking for.

  1. Write articles for the reader, not for SEO.

Nobody cares who you are in the online world, but how you can help them in reaching their objectives or solving a problem. It is a harsh affirmation, but it is true, and you must keep account of it. Write articles thinking about what the reader wants to find or solve, even if you will still consider keywords. Think about:

  • What is the main problem of your ideal reader?
  • What are the ideas that he or she has?
  • What are they trying to achieve?

Once you have the characteristics of your ideal reader, you can start writing articles that would grab their attention instantly. The article will be perceived as more valuable by readers, and if the keywords are placed smartly in the content, they will not affect the reader’s experience.

  1. Use external links.

Why would you use external links if you are trying to keep the visitors on your website? Well, that is true, but eventually, it is about offering him or her a complete reading experience. Use links to valuable resources that would enhance your message, and make sure they are opening in a new window. Once the reader would see what is there, they will close that article and return to yours.

SEO is not as easy as it used to be. It is not enough to write a keyword hundreds of times to get results with it. But by focusing on quality, you can have incredible success even with a small blog.