SEO With Google- Simple Tricks Which Will Improve Ranking On Google

SEO with Google

It not at all matters if you have a stunning portfolio or beautifully rendered website, you will not go far if you lack good SEO with Google. The thing is that Google is exceedingly objective when coming down to things such as keywords, alt tags, and sitemaps. Understanding the terminology is not so important but understanding to improve SEO is important. This resource will show you how you can rank better in Google search.

SEO – What Is It?

SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of continually optimizing the website for better ranking in the unrefined search results, focusing on a well-liked search engine such as Google.
With that being said, SEO isn’t about optimizing the website. It can and must occupy other disciplines surrounded by digital marketing like –

  1. Content marketing
  2. UX or user experience
  3. Public relations
  4. Content design
  5. Branding
  6. Coding and web development
  7. Conversion rate optimization…….. etc


In short, the website that performs excellently in Google isn’t just better at SEO. They are good at digital marketing in common.

Google SEO guide to keyword research

When coming to SEO with Google, keyword research must be the first step. The reason is that you would like to optimize your content around the keywords that individuals type in Google.

When optimizing the webpage around those particular search queries, you rank the blog post and landing pages for those terms.

Put in writing SEO-friendly content

After you have the list of several keywords that your aimed customer hunts for in Google, it’s time to put in writing the content. Luckily, especially thanks to the keyword research done by you or keywords research can be made by us, this step needs to be pretty simple. All that is needed is to write awesome high-quality content for every keyword there in your list.

Optimizing the content for Google SEO

It is time for optimizing every piece page on your website around a solo keyword. If you are first beginning you, then this keyword needs to be a long-tail keyword.

Long-tail terms do not get a ton of search volume. They are less competitive. Therefore, you have more chances of ranking number one.

Despite you go with the long tail keyword or not, optimizing the page for Google SEO is accurately the same. 

This short checklist will confirm that your page is SEO optimized.

Position keyword

  1. In the opening 100 words of the webpage- You know you want to use keywords many times. It is crucial to use them once at the starting.
  2. From Google’s viewpoint, title tag is an important place for positioning keyword
  3. It is good to use the keyword once in the URL of the page

To full optimize page SEO with Google, implement these on-site SEO methods –

  1. Use keyword in H1 and H2 sub-header
  2. Use keyword-rich image filenames and alt text
  3. Use synonyms and associated terms
  4. Put in the internal links
  5. Have an enticing meta description
  6. Allow site’s working on Smartphone
  7. Use structured data


We hope that this short post will be useful on SEO with Google now all your doubts are cleared at all.