How to Get First on Google in 2021

How To Get First on Google in 2021

According to some specialists, more than 200 factors are influencing your website’s position in Google. It is impossible to control all of them, especially as they are a well-kept secret by the giant search engine. However, it is possible to determine how some of these factors affect you and to have an optimized website keeping account of the most important of these variables.

Keyword research

You must start with a complete keyword research campaign. If you know what the potential clients are looking for, you will know how to structure your content to consider their needs. You can use different tools for this part of your SEO, such as SemRush or Ubbersuggest.

SEO Content

Google does not like a list of keywords thrown randomly in an article with the clear goal of ranking them. Google encourages content marketers to write quality and relevant content. Put your keyword list into context and phrases. This way, your website must be structured in an easy-to-understand manner, not just for search engines. Google insists for us to build our websites for people, not for search engines.

Meta Data

Once you wrote your content for keywords, you can start creating Metadata. These are the titles and descriptions of the pages that would appear in Google searches. You can apply the same strategy to the ALT text of images. The image titles are the ones appearing when you hoover on the result in a search engine.

Google Search Console

If you want your website in Google, you must set Google Search Console so you can see exactly how the search engine sees each one of your pages. You can use the Inspect URL function to announce to Google that your page is ready to appear in searches. The sitemap is another tool that would show search engines the structure of your website, and how it should be indexed.

Social Media activity

Once your website is in Google, it is ready for being shared on social networks as well. Don’t neglect those, as they are a source of free traffic and also, they increase online visibility.

External backlinks

The number of visitors reaching your website is not the most important aspect for search engines. Google considers the authority and relevance of websites more than it considers the number of clicks.

The quality of traffic is a combination between the average duration of a visit, the bounce rate, and the site’s authority. If you can get backlinks from more relevant websites in your domain, you will increase your authority in time.

Internal backlinks

As external backlinks have become a ‘business’, Google is trying to minimize the importance of external links and to increase the importance of the internal structure. Make sure your internal backlinks are leading to relevant pages, keeping the visitor as much as possible on your site. For example, every blog post needs to have a list of products at the end or a call to action, and internal links to other posts that might interest the reader.