Effective SEO Techniques

Effective SEO Techniques

It is impossible to establish the most effective SEO techniques that would work all the time, as search engines are changing their ranking algorithms all the time. However, there are some things that you could apply, and which had been proven as effective in the long term.

  1. Concentrate on local SEO.

Local SEO and targeting are not new optimization techniques, but they became a lot more important lately. Amongst the factor that led to this tendency, we can name:

  • Vocal search.
  • Mobile indexation as a priority against desktop optimization.
  • Having a location creates trust.
  • Using and interacting with digital assistants such as Alexa and Siri.

Local SEO is best applied on a new website, but the old ones can implement it just as easily. Go through your content and try to add terms like ‘near me’, the name of the neighbourhood and of the street where your business is located, and other terms stating the intention to visit your store.

  1. Solve the major problems with the website’s structure.

Usually, the websites tend to answer the questions from users on a FAQ page or using the articles on the blog. However, the best opportunity is in the website hierarchy. Give the desired answers on the product or services pages. This way, you will bring your visitors exactly on the pages that bring conversions.

Moreover, this targeted content will increase the quality score, and the results will be more relevant for people that really want to buy what you sell.

  1. Think about valuable content, not about keywords.

Use Google Analytics and Trends to segment and think about your subjects. You can check if the way your content is arranged and the type of content reflecting the priorities of your business.

You can refresh your content with images, a video, and new writing that would highlight what visitors want to see.

  1. Optimize your website for RankBrain.

Google announced RankBrain, the third most important signal to classify results of searches. RankBrain is an algorithm based on AI that uses automated learning to filter millions of results in searches. It helps Google to give the most relevant results that really match the questions of the searchers.

To optimize a website for RankBrain, you have to create unique and informative content to offer value to the targeted audience.

This algorithm appreciates the satisfaction of the users as well. If a page contains a series of shares, it can improve the ranking of the page.

  1. Use Markup Schema

Markup Schema is an efficient way to optimize a website for SERP. It is a code that you need to introduce for your website to help the search engines to offer reach results to users. This schema can make your pages more prominent, eventually leading to more online visibility, especially for local businesses.

By implementing these simple solutions, you are on the way to create an integrated website that would bring the desired results for your business.