Do You Need to Buy TripAdvisor Reviews?

Do You Need to Buy TripAdvisor Reviews

It is not as easy as it used to be to buy TripAdvisor reviews, as people are usually looking for verified sources, and for people that went in the reviewed places before writing an opinion about them. The TripAdvisor engines became a lot smarter, being able to identify reviews that are not genuine. However, even if the practice is not totally fair, we must consider many factors that have affected hospitality services lately.

Buy TripAdvisor Reviews – Fairness VS Necessity

Coronavirus brought new challenges for hotels, restaurants, and generally tourism at the beginning of 2020. This state of facts was prolonged in 2021. Even if some countries are starting to see the end of this terrible pandemic, some other tourist destination will have to wait a lot longer before being able to welcome new tourists.

For all these venues, the end of the pandemic will mean new business possibilities. But when the tourists will start looking for long-forgotten destinations, what would they look for first? Yes, you guessed it, they will want to look for reviews before deciding where to go.

The foreseeable future displays a buyer’s market, where every tourist will have hundreds of destinations to choose from. It looks like tourists from some countries such as Israel, UAE and the UK will be allowed to go on overseas vacations earlier than others, but where would they go? If you are a hotel or a restaurant owner, you know they will first read reviews before deciding, and you will have to be prepared for that.

How can I make sure I have good reviews for my tourist venue?

Let us suppose you opened a restaurant at the end of 2019. Everything was going well; you were getting your first TripAdvisor positive reviews and you were naturally growing your reputation. Suddenly, Covid-19 comes in 2020 and you are forced to close for one year or even more.

How can you keep up with your competition when you open again? How can you get some online visibility when they have hundreds of reviews? The answer is simple, and even if it is not fair for some people, you can think of buying TripAdvisor reviews.

Making sure you are buying the right TripAdvisor Reviews

The best review companies are those that can offer genuine reviews to their customers. It is possible, as these companies have contracts with real tourists that visited the places they are supposed to review. Moreover, the company must know when to publish the reviews so they look ‘natural’ and cannot be contested by TripAdvisor or anyone else.

A real service offering these kinds of reviews must give you replacements in case your reviews are dropped after a while. Only services of this kind are sure that they are offering the real deal to their customers.

Of course, the services of these reliable companies are not cheap but do not be fooled by the $1-$3 TripAdvisor reviews. Most of these companies will only make fake reviews from unverified accounts, just to be dropped by the website a few days later. Pay a little more, but make sure you are getting reviews that really ‘stick’ forever.